Shining – Stephen King _en

Could we think about “Shining” as it would be a book about a modern American horror mythology? If we think about “Amityville”… of course!
It is a modern story because it is about a hotel from 1977, and it is inspired by Lennon’s “Instant Karma”, and… fuck it… everything about John Lennon is modern. The Amityville facts happened in 1975. (Is it me or something here smells like a strange coincidence?)
It is horror because is bloody – I think you noticed this already… anyway…
It is already mythology because we have at least 2 movies concerning “Shining” and I guess 10 movies about “Amityville”
And… it is purely American because nothing like this could happen in Romania. People here are quite poor, so they don’t afford to live in a big house or in a hotel. Houses here, even they are big, are not freaky-minded, because people are so freaky-minded, so the houses are just scared. I mean… imagine our dear president living in a haunted house? Man… that is a sad house! She could be no mind-controller at all! The president would fuck her up, get her down, and piss on the walls when he gets drunk, and so on… And you should consider the fact that he is only a poor president… think about us, the ones ho chose him! Man, we are though! No stupid house could make us kill our own wives! We kill our wives for pleasure! Damn it! We need no stupid house to shine on!