August Strindberg – the red room

So what does Strindberg think about theater?  Of course, if you read “Red room” you’ll probably understand what kind of relation the author had with the directors and the actors. I don’t know about other countries, but here, in Romania, where the sheep still rules the peasant mentality, the cultural life is much worse than the bureaucratic life… and this is an observation made by an “insider”. I think “Red room” is a book about finding your happiness no matter the biases. Of course, the satire of life in Stockholm… there is also, but that’s not quite so modern anyway. The novel Is modern because it crushes the artistic myth of living. The idea is that you can make your own refuge, no other artifice is needed.

I found very nice the next quotation:

“There was no Hell on the Earth until the Paradise was ready, until the woman appeared.”

(“N-a existat Iad pe Pământ până ce n-a fost desăvârşit Paradisul, adică până ce n-a apărut femeia.”)